Our volunteers vary in age and life experience, but one thing they all possess is a desire to serve others.

There are many ways to volunteer at CODA:

  • shopping for our emergency shelter
  • transporting residents to appointments, court, etc.
  • answering crisis calls
  • performing general office duties
  • helping write protective orders
  • working with the children
  • run errands, deliver posters, special projects demanding computer skills, etc.
  • help with fundraising efforts

We also need groups of volunteers at times to do yard work, move furniture, paint, and host resident get-togethers.

Volunteers are used in all three of our locations:  Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing Facility, and Vigo County Courthouse Office.

We don’t pull any punches:  sometimes our work can be very stressful, but it can also be very rewarding.  Staff and volunteers work closely together, so we all experience the same stress at times; however, volunteers always have a staff person close by (unless you’ve been with us for years, as one of our volunteers has).

To talk with us more about volunteer opportunities, please Contact Us

To download a Volunteer Application, Click Here